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Holidays 2022? Welcome back Italy, welcome back Verona!

Holidays 2022? Welcome back Italy, welcome back Verona!

It’s finally time to travel to Italy: the easing of restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, which never seemed to come, has now become a reality. And then it’s time to plan a vacation in Italy, where freedom tastes like the sea, mountains, lakes and historic cities!

The rules for visiting our beautiful country, which looks to the opening of the summer with optimism and confidence, have now been updated.

From 1 March, for tourists arriving in Italy from abroad (both from Eropean and non-Eropean countries) quarantine is no longer provided: it is enough to be in possession of a “proof of vaccinationcertificate giving evidence to having completed the vaccination against covid19 no more than 9 months ago (with one of the vaccines recognized by the EMA), or a certificate proving to have recovered from covid19 for no more than 6 months, or a negative molecular test (Pcr) carried out no more than 72 hours before departure or a rapid (antigen) negative test carried out no more than 48 hours before departure.

This third solution (negative test) allows entry to Italy also for travelers vaccinated with vaccines not recognized by the EMA, and for those who have chosen not to join the vaccination campaign.

So, are your eyes full of dreams and desire to discover the beauties that bring Italian charm all over the world? Verona with the spring coming meets all the needs of travelers choosing a destination for relaxation, leisure or culture. Concerts are back in the Roman Arena, the world-famous amphitheater a stone’s throw from Hotel Colomba d’Oro, the only 4-star hotel in Verona so close to the Arena, a hotel that is itself a milestone in the history of Verona; Lake Garda, with its cozy small towns, is a perfect destination for hiking into nature and for traditional weekly markets; and after that, relaxation and body care has a very special scent.

Time has also come to schedule a romantic getaway in Verona with someone you love: nothing says romance like a weekend away in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Whether you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or it is your first weekend away, this is a magical way for you and your loved one to get closer together.

The Hotel Colomba d’Oro in Verona, whit its care for cleanliness of every space and his warm Italian hospitality, gives to every guest a stay of quality: it is the 4-star hotel in Verona where you can sleep peacefully embraced by charm of the historical charm of the Renaissance Palazzo which used to host the Convent of San Donato alla Colomba. We are waiting for you!