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Architectural treasures all around the Colomba d’Oro

Architectural treasures all around the Colomba d’Oro

What is Verona, the city that has hosted the Colomba d’Oro for centuries?

Verona is the city of love, where William Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet, it is opera and concerts in the Verona Arena, it is a good glass of wine from the world famous wineries of Valpolicella, Val d’Illasi and Lago di Garda; Verona is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a walk along the Adige River or among the pristine mountains of Lessinia.

And the Colomba d’Oro, a 4-star hotel in the historic center of Verona, has the good fortune to be right in the heart of this richness, a must for anyone who loves art and architecture.

Among its most precious treasures, Verona boasts historic palaces and churches of inestimable value. These masterpieces, just a few steps from this hotel with private parking in Verona, tell of eras, styles and cultures that have come together over the years, giving today a unique charm.

There are many historic palazzos to discover in the city of the Colomba d’Oro hotel: the Middle Ages, for example, gave us Juliet’s House and Romeo’s House, not far from each other.

Piazza Erbe, easily reachable thanks to the hotel’s bike rental or with a short walk, enchants visitors with the polychrome of its buildings: here, in fact, we find the Case Mazzanti, with their facade with colorful frescoes, right in front of the Domus Mercatorum; on the same square stands the Palazzo della Ragione, a large Gothic building and the beating heart of the city from which the imposing Torre dei Lamberti stands out, from the top of which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

And also the luxurious Palazzo Maffei, which since 2020 is also a house-museum, which can be visited in all seasons with its collection of works of art from the Middle Ages to the present day.

During the Renaissance, other palazzos were built which still today arouse the curiosity of tourists and architecture enthusiasts: Palazzo Canossa, one of the masterpieces of the architect Sanmicheli, on Corso Cavour just behind the Colomba d’Oro; Palazzo Giusti, which overlooks the homonymous garden; and in Piazza Brà the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, an imposing structure with a great aesthetic impact which is now used for exhibitions and congresses, and Palazzo Barbieri, a neoclassical building which is today the town hall.

Verona is also evidence of how architecture and spirituality can merge into an unforgettable experience, which unites the history and culture of a people: art, history, and faith make the ancient churches magical places near the 4-star Hotel Colomba d’ Gold.

Among the most beautiful in the city, Sant’Anastasia stands out, a Gothic masterpiece in which you can admire a famous fresco by the painter Pisanello. Another masterpiece is the Church of San Fermo Maggiore which, like a casket, conceals the lower Benedictine church in its basement; the Basilica of San Zeno is instead one of the most fascinating examples of Romanesque style in Italy, as well as the scenography with the beautiful pink and white marble facade of the Antiques Market. The Cathedral of Verona, or Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare, which rises in the bend of the Adige near the Ponte Pietra, is also wonderfully frescoed.

As you can see, the city of the Hotel Colomba d’Oro, a hotel with luxury rooms in Verona, offers architecture of great beauty and variety. Come and discover all this together with Charlie and Julie from Love in the Villa, and stay in the historic Hotel Colomba d’Oro, the closest 4-star hotel to the Verona Arena. We are waiting for you!