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Gift Card

Gift Card

Give a 4-star experience in the centre of Verona

The Gift Card from the Hotel Colomba d’Oro in the centre of Verona is the gift voucher that anyone would want to unwrap or get.

Looking for a unique present for someone special? We have the perfect gift idea to suit all: a stay at Hotel Colomba d’Oro, customized according to your wishes and to the wishes of the lucky one who will receive your gift.

Decide the amount you want to spend, follow the payment instructions and wait for our confirmation.

The gift voucher will arrive by e-mail and, if you have also chosen the physical option, you will receive at homespecial  a popup card handmade by Veronese artists. The voucher is valid for one year and who receives it as a gift can use it for a reservation from our site, or by email.


The Gift Card of the 4-star hotel closest to Verona's Arena

Try to imagine the amazement and joy of those who receive the Gift Card for a stay in this four-star hotel in the center of Verona: a perfect place for a getaway, where you just need to rent a bicycle to reach the glimpses praised over the centuries by poets, film directors and singers. Admit it: now you too would like to unwrap the Hotel Colomba d’Oro gift card, don’t you?