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Verona in love

Verona in love

The origins of Verona, a city rich in history and culture, date back to the 1st century BC.
Did you know that since 30 November 2000 Verona is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
This destination is one of the jewels Italy can be proudest of: have you ever had the chance to spend a few days here?

The value and beauty of the city are recognized and all over the world for several reasons: its architecture, its squares, its food and wine delicacies are loved by all the tourists who come to visit every year. But Verona is famous above all for a further reason: it’s the city of love, praised by several internationally renowned authors, first of all Wiliam Shakespeare.

Verona is a mandatory stop for couples, who here are embraced and warmed by the romanticism that can be felt in every corner, street and square. Not only beacuse of the story of Romeo and Juliet, which attracts thousands of visitors every year in the courtyard of the building made iconic by the restoration of the balcony from which Juliet famously out, but also because of Piazza Bra, where you can enjoy the majesty of the roman Arena, and or even Piazza delle Erbe, where from the top of Lamberti Tower you can have a breathtaking view. All this and much more, you can find it just a few steps from our Hotel.

There is not a better time for you and your sweet half to visit the city of love, than during Verona in Love, the event to be held from 13 to 16 February 2020, which this year is holding its 16th edition. Throughout that weekend the whole city will be decorated under the theme of love, in order to enhance its romantic identity: hearts hanging from the sky, love-colored lights, scents of passion and warmth and various events such as themed guided tours, treasure hunts, reduced rate museum tickets, and much more.
Would you like to walk hand in hand in the streets of Verona, and let yourself be embraced by the atmosphere of those special days? Would you like to see Piazza Bra covered with hearts, Piazza delle Erbe and the Lamberti Tower illuminated in red, the botiques of the center dressed up for the party, live music, ballets, stalls with themed craftworks? And in the end, a romantic dinner in one of the fanous restaurants of the capital city of love.

Hotel Colomba d’Oro is waiting for you to crown your special day. We are waiting for you!