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The antiques market a few steps from the Colomba d’Oro

The antiques market a few steps from the Colomba d’Oro

Piazza San Zeno has always been one of the beating hearts of Verona, the city of the Colomba d’Oro. Stealing the scene, here among ancient but low and simple buildings, stands the monumental Basilica of San Zeno, one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Italy. Dedicated to the patron saint of Verona, it is built with a variety of materials that give life to a unique polychromy. It is an unmissable landmark, easily reachable on foot or by bike from the Hotel Colomba d’Oro thanks to the bike rental service available at our reception.

Verona is a destination to visit not only to declare to the person of your heart or to attend some musical shows in the Arena: on the first Sunday of each month (with the exception of the month of August), the city of Romeo and Juliet and of Vinitaly also becomes the place to be for vintage and antiques lovers. Piazza San Zeno, the square right in front of the Basilica, as well as the surrounding Piazza Pozza, Piazza Corrubio and the streets all around come alive with the Antiques & Vintage Market officially called “Verona Antiquaria”, but which for the locals is simply the «Mercatino dell’ Antiquariato di San Zeno» (« San Zeno Antiques Market »): an excellent opportunity to discover one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Verona, immersed in the magic of a city full of art and history.

Antiques enthusiasts, hobbyists and tourists can browse through more than 200 stalls from all over Northern Italy, full of unique pieces of art, vinyl records, collectables, antique and design furniture and vintage clothing. The event is free to enter and lasts all day, from 8 AM to 6 PM: during the day the atmosphere gets full scents thanks to shows, workshops for the little ones, street food and wine stands and music performed by buskers.

The San Zeno Antiques Market allows you to take a journey through time, discovering the Verona of the past: if you are lucky enough to experience this city, visiting this market offers the thrill of searching for something rare and precious to take home with you.

Reaching the San Zeno Antiques market from the Hotel Colomba d’Oro takes little but good time, both on foot and by bike.

The route is a romantic journey: walk along Via Roma and Corso Cavour, and after admiring the beauty of the Castle, take the “Regaste”, the panoramic riverside along which you will conclude the your way right to the San Zeno Antiques Market.

The Antiques Market is an event not to be missed for all those who are in Verona on the first Sundays of each month. But why not coming a few days earlier, thus treating yourself to a few days of love and dreams in our luxury rooms in Verona? This 4-star hotel in the historic center of Verona, formerly the home of Maestro Ennio Morricone during his stays in Verona, is the perfect home base for visiting the most important highlights of the city and enjoying your shopping in the streets of the center. We are wainting for you at the Colomba d’Oro, the 4-star hotel closest to the Verona Arena : you will find everything that makes Verona litterally at our doorstep.