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Romantic Getaway? Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the 4-star Colomba d’Oro Hotel

Romantic Getaway? Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the 4-star Colomba d’Oro Hotel

The first star of the Colomba d’Oro Hotel: you

If you’re looking where to stay in Verona, Italy, to spend a romantic weekend downtown, then the Hotel Colomba d’Oro is perfect for you and for your love. This is the closest 4-star hotel to the Verona Arena, and guarantees you easy access to all the symbolic places of the city, but also offers you the opportunity to end your love holiday in complete relaxation .

Verona a few months ago was also the set of a Netflix romantic film: after having visited it on foot or by bicycle, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the numerous restaurants in the city centre, and then treat yourself to a few drinks in the Lounge Bar of our four-star luxury hotel.

If the minibar in the room does not satisfy all your wishes, you can take advantage of our room service to conclude your unforgettable elopement: because you are the leitmotif of the 4-star Colomba d’oro Hotel.

The second star of the Colomba d’Oro: the Verona of music and art 

The 4-star Colomba d’Oro Hotel in Verona tells the story of when the city hosted the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, thus helping to fuel his fame. Indeed, Mozart had the opportunity to play in the current “Sala Maffeiana” of the Philharmonic Academy, which is only a 5-minute walk from the Arena, near our hotel with private parking in Verona.

But here we also find the memories of Maria Callas, the great opera diva who arrived in Verona from New York in 1947 when she was not yet famous: it was her first husband, the Veronese Giovanni Meneghini, who had her perform at the Arena, an amphitheater very close to our four-star hotel. The traces of Maria Callas’ journey in Verona will take you to the church of the Filippini Fathers, to her house at 14 Via Leoncino, to the family villa in Zevio, up to her house on Lake Garda, in Sirmione. Worried about distance? Don’t worry! The first two places are located in the historic center of Verona, right next to the Colomba d’Oro which, among its services, also offers a private guarded garage and a concierge service that will solve any doubts you may have about how to reach the other places! The area surrounding the Arena, where our 4-star hotel is located, is a Limited Traffic Zone, but don’t worry: the Colomba d’Oro guarantees its guests free access. Join us carefree and enjoy Verona!

The third star of the Colomba d’Oro: the Verona of literature

The symbiosis between the city and the “father of the Italian language” began at the beginning of the 14th century, when Dante stayed several times in Verona. At the time the Colomba d’Oro did not yet exist as a hotel, but a few years later the building that now houses it came into existence: it was built precisely at that time, in the year 1337, to house the Convent of “San Donato alla Colomba” (the word “colomba” means dove and is the symbol of the Holy Spirit). Verona at the time was governed by Mastino Secondo Della Scala, successor of Cangrande della Scala of whom Dante had been a guest during his exile from Florence, and to whom he dedicated the entire canticle of Paradise out of gratitude. Under the reign of Cangrande, Dante produced other “divine” works and there are many places, very close to the historic center of Verona and the Colomba d’Oro, which bear the memory of Dante: the cloister of the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Maria della Scala and Piazza dei Signori, also known as Piazza Dante due to the statue of the poet. If you want to get around all these landmarks in just a few minutes, don’t forget that the Colomba d’Oro offers you a bike rental service, just ask at our reception, open 24 hours a day.

The fourth star of the Colomba d’Oro: the Verona of love

There is a common thread in all the stories that we have briefly told you here: love. Love of art, love of music, love of painting or writing. But the main reason why Verona is nicknamed the “city of love” is that it is here that William Shakespeare chose to set “Romeo and Juliet”, the most famous love story ever told. And indeed, nothing says romance like a weekend away in the city of Romeo and Juliet. Whether you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or it is your first weekend away, this is a magical way for you and your loved one to get closer together. And the Colomba D’Oro is the perfect place to fall in love with The City of Love: its charming style and decor, still holding the secrets of the past centuries, create the perfect setting for such an unforgettable getaway for a Valentine’s Day.

Every year Verona turns red for Valentine’s Day: from our romantic Hotel Colomba d’Oro you can enjoy the red decorations on the theme of love in the streets of the historic centre, and easily reach Juliet’s iconic house. Then you can continue admiring the majestic Arena di Verona and finally unwuind a little bit in Piazza Bra, where you can sip an aperitif with your lover.

But we recommend that you also go to Piazza delle Erbe, which is filled with themed stalls and live music, whose notes can be appreciated up to the top of the central Torre dei Lamberti, from the top of which you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the city.

Treat your sweetheart to a gift card of love to experience unforgettable moments in the City of Romeo and Juliet.