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Guided tours between Verona and the surrounding territories

Guided tours between Verona and the surrounding territories

«There is no world without Verona walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself…»

William Shakespeare’s famus verses, spoken by Romeo at the time of leaving for exile, make us perceive today the unique value and charm of this city.

An inestimable heritage full of history, art, lake and mountain landscapes that always leave you entranced: rich in culture and always surprising with its refined flavors, local wines and good food. A complete city: exploring and discovering it is an extraordinary experience.

For the guests of Hotel Colomba d’Oro we have created three different guided tours: discover them below and start planning your trip through beautiful Verona!


Urban walk between water, land and air

A guided excursion through the streets of the historic center of Verona that have a lot to tell, almost like a book: just think of the Romans who in the first century BC they built the Arena, the amphitheater that still hosts the greatest operas and theatricals today and that the whole world admires.

Verona is not only history but also art and culture: over the centuries poets such as Dante, Shakespeare and Dickens have been inspired by her to compose verses and plays that are still studied in schools all over the world. A UNESCO heritage city nestled between the bends of the Adige river.

On this walk you can admire Castel San Pietro, the ramparts walls of the low Torricelle hills, the city parks, the colored earth, the stones and marbles of the monuments and arcades in the squares and the centuries-old plants, focusing on all the natural elements that are part of the landscape and deserve to be discovered.

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The path of the stones of Verona

A journey between Verona and Valpolicella: the land of wine, marble, breathtaking sunsets.

Those who can travel independently by car, after visiting the city center have only to head towards the village of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella to “touch the dust of the stone”: a journey into the geology of sedimentary rocks during which you will visit the open-air quarries – including the famous Cavarena, an extraordinary archive of the evolutionary history of man – and the artistic laboratory of a real stonemason at work.

Along the way you can also visit the Forte di Monte, the medieval church of San Floriano and the small panoramic village of San Giorgio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where you just need a moment to fall in love with the surrounding vineyards of Valpolicella and Lake Garda.

By booking a room on our website, you will receive the link to get the guided tour at a special price reserved for our guests.

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A stroll with a guide

A visit to the most evocative places in the Verona area, between the mountains, Lake Garda and Valpolicella. It is the perfect solution if you want to visit the city of love at 360 degrees, thanks to the unique interpretation of the guide that will take you to the most inspiring places.

Crossing the Progni di Fumane valley you stop at the Molina Waterfalls park, a naturalistic oasis rich in rare beauties that offers moments of peace and a wonderful natural show. Then we visit the famous hills of Valpolicella with its vineyards that bring the best wines to the tables of all the world.

The next stop is in western Lessinia, where we stop to explore the Ponte di Veja, an imposing natural arch in rock among the largest and most fascinating in Europe, before moving on to the Lessinia dei Cimbri mountain and the mountain village Bosco Chiesanuova. .

Then we move towards Mount Luppia, famous for its hiking trails and rock carvings on the stone: from here you can admire the Veronese shore of Lake Garda. We then continue to Rocca del Garda, a mountain relief in the shape of a fortress overlooking the lake, with a breathtaking panoramic view; then descend into the Val Sorda valley to visit the hinterland of Bardolino, sipping a good glass of local wine.

By booking a room on our website, you will receive the link to get the guided tour at a special price reserved for our guests.

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Verona is a city to discover: We are waiting for you, in safety, to discover with us every corner and every special place!