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From the Colomba d’Oro, everything is so close and easy!

From the Colomba d’Oro, everything is so close and easy!

Strategically located mere steps from the city main landmark, the world famous Roman Arena, the Colomba d’Oro he perfect home base from which to easily enjoy all the best of Verona. Enjoy dowtown’s most luxurious shopping and dining and its most famous historical sites, just staying at the very heart of it all. We are proud to be the only Hotel in Verona that guarantees the most accurate sanitizing treatment of all rooms and spaces.

The privileged location is a key part of the identity of this elegant retreat, providing our guests with unsurpassed access to everything: in fact, not only is the hotel’s location so central, but among the many services that the hotel offers you can also find a bike rental, the perfect way to discover the most characteristic streets of the city of Romeo and Juliet and to reach the most charming viewpoints.

All corners and glimpses of Verona have something to tell. But from the Hotel Colomba d’Oro what are the best places to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view and take pictures of romantic sunsets?

One of them is certainly the Torre dei Lamberti, the tallest and oldest tower in Verona, which takes its name from the family who commissioned its construction and since 1172 stands in Piazza Erbe, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. You can comfortably go up by lift or you can walk up the 368 steps: upon arrival you are welcomed in a panoramic terrace which is a magical place from which to admire, with a single breathtaking view, the ancient roofs, monuments and squares. of the surrounding historic center, as well as the skyline of the mountains that embrace them in the distance.

Climbing this monument is a unique and unmissable experience if you are staying in Verona: surprising at night, fascinating during the day, the Torre dei Lamberti is less than a kilometer (half a mile) from the Hotel Colomba d’Oro: less than 10 minutes on foot and about 2 minutes by bicycle.

The other panoramic place from which you can enjoy a unique view of the city is Castel San Pietro: located on the top of the hill overlooking the center of Verona, the fortress rebuilt between 1852 and 1858 by the Austrians is today not only beloved by tourists but also by locals for the huge panoramic terrace: thanks to its location facing the banks of the Adige river, it allows you to fully appreciate the view of the historic center, its church bell towers and its architecture and colors from every era . Super romantic place at sunset, perfect for taking unique photos, it can be reached on foot by climbing a picturesque staircase, or in less than a minute with a funicular starting its run not far from Ponte Pietra, in the heart of Roman Verona. Both the steps to go up on foot and the funicular station are about a quarter of an hour away on foot and 5 minutes by bicycle from the Hotel Colomba d’Oro.

How best to end a day in Verona? After attending one of the evenings of opera or a concert in the most beautiful amphitheatre in the world, take a walk with someone you love or cycle through the wonderful streets, full of unique scents and flavours, of Verona, reach your favourite vantage point and make a wish there. Those expressed just before sleeping at the Hotel Colomba d’Oro come true!