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Enjoy vacation even more, with a luxury beauty routine

Enjoy vacation even more, with a luxury beauty routine

Why leave out your wellness and beauty during your stay in Verona? Would you like your skin to be treated and made radiant before you attend a show in the Arena, or when you come back from a day at a Fair? Or simply treat yourself to complete relaxation after a day spent walking around and sightseeing? Such wishes are important. Taking care of your body and your person is an essential part of every holiday ; and our job is to ensure that your holiday can be full of such comforts.

This is why we have partnered with Vagheggi, a leading brand that boasts 45 years of history and has long been a authority in the industry professional cosmetics in Italy, a true excellence of Made in Italy whose philosophy is based on a perfect combination of natural ingredients and innovative solutions.

Just around the corner from our Hotel, literally two minutes away, you will find Vagheggi Phyto Space salon: the first flagship store in Italy by Vagheggi, an oasis of natural beauty where you can book highly effective personalized professional treatments, enjoying an exclusive 20% discount reserved for guests of Hotel Colomba d’Oro.

Just ask our concierge, before you arrive or during your stay: we will be glad to get you in touch with the beauty center, then the staff of Vagheggi Phyto Space will contact you directly to let you choose the kind of treatment you wish to have and arrange your appointment.

In your room – sanitized with a professional system – you will find a brochure with all the professional beauty treatments available at Vagheggi Phyto Space; and near the reception you will find a window where you can preview some of many Vagheggi’s products.

We have tried for you, and we recommend, the following treatments:

  • Vagheggi Luxury Massage
    Luxury Massage is not just a relaxing massage, it is a true beauty ritual for face and body in 4 customized versions. Mind and body are finally reconnected thanks to a feeling of total relaxation, and your skin is regenerated and detoxified, making you feel the well-being of feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.
  • «Porcelain Skin » Moisturizing treatment
    For a naturally perfect skin, brighter and revitalized, a treatment rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Althea Officinalis for intense hydration and deep nourishment.
  • Lift Contour Superior
    To have your face naturally reshaped, lifted and relaxed, the power of precious phytocosmetics is used: by improving the density of the dermis, they reshape the contours of the face with a complete agecare action. An innovative purple alginate mask is the central phase of the treatment, in which skilful dexterity and pleasant formulations follow one another for a striking result and a feeling of general well-being.
  • « Perfect Silhouette » Light Legs Treatment
    This is the ideal treatment to experience a sensation of maximum lightness: based on Mediterranean Sea Salt and Litchi Seeds, with an exfoliating and anti-water action; Caffeine and Orthosiphon, the Java tea with a draining and strengthening action on the microcirculation. You will immediately feel your legs lighter, leaner and snappy.

We have been taking care of our guest’s well-being for more than a century; and when we say that at Hotel Colomba d’Oro, guests have priority over everything … we also mean this.

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