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Health & safety: how we take care of you

Health & safety: how we take care of you

How do we take care, at Hotel Colomba d’Oro, of your safety and health?

We are well aware that COVID-19 has significantly increased in importance of cleaning, sanitization and hygiene that the accommodation facilities will ensure.

We strongly believe that  now safety is the best investment: that’s why we have chosen to adopt not only  the good practices that are mandatory for every hotel, but also to voluntarily adopt some additional measures.

Before every single check-in, so right before your arrival, your room will be completely treated with a professional system that uses the oxidizing power of ozone to purify, disinfect, and sanitize your room, in the safest way. The treatment is performed right after the “traditional” cleaning of the room, and is practiced by expert and trained staff, using special patented devices (watch video)

After this treatment, the environment is completely sterilized, the room and all surfaces are sanitized, and it’s like being the very first guest in the room.

And there’s more.

In April 2022, our breakfast room was equipped with a brand new air conditioning and heating system, with a built-in device based on state-of-the art UV-C sanitization technology: the air in of the room is constantly aspirated and filtered by passing it through a barrier of ultraviolet rays before being reintroduced into the room environment. The action of ultraviolet rays destroys pathogens, and this process takes place completely inside the machine, without releasing chemicals and without introducing UV rays into the room. This way, the air of the breakfast room is carefully purified and sanitized by germs and viruses, both in summer and in winter.

The history of Hotel Colomba d’Oro has been a guarantee of quality, safety and customer care for more than a century. Trust who, since always, cares about your health and wellness.