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101 years of history and passionon

101 years of history and passionon

The Colomba d’Oro Hotel is celebrating a century and a year of management by the Tapparini family this year. The hotel actually has an even older history, having opened back as far as 1837, before northern Italy’s independence from Austria, before the American Civil War, and before Charles Darwin published “The Origin of Species” ; but it was in 1920 that the Tapparini family bought it. This is therefore a story that begins more than a century ago and reaches today, told day after day in the guest book where the signatures of numerous esteemed guests are recognized: princesses, opera divas, heads of state, writers and poets . Ennio Morricone, Primo Carnera, Toti Dal Monte, Beniamino Gigli, Trilussa, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and the royals of the House of Savoy… but in more recent times also rock stars like Patty Smith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

For four generations, attention to detail and quality of services have been at the center of everything for us. If today on our breakfast buffet the orange juice is real freshly squeezed Sicilian orange juice, it is the coffee made with the selected blend of a prestigious local roaster, this is also due to the fact that in the 1930s Carlo Tapparini, after working in Monte Carlo with the great Auguste Escoffier (“The king of chefs and the chef of kings”), brought the new haute cuisine to the Colomba d’Oro. This means having a story: excellence has deep roots.

Today we guarantee the utmost respect for anti-Covid 19 health protocols in all areas of the hotel, and even some additional treatments for excellent safety, because we want you to feel at home at all times and to be able to experience a dream vacation. in total peace and freedom.

One of the advantages of staying here is the assistance of our reception staff, qualified by the most professional training and great experience. Our Concierge will be happy to assist and advise you for your every need at any time: in choosing the best restaurants and the most exclusive tours of the historic center and the most evocative must-sees of the surrounding Verona area.Because the center of Verona is unique, but the territories that surround it are also unmissable.

Traveling is great, but it’s even more beautiful when you receive it as a gift! This is why we have created a flexible Gift Card, as a voucher to give to someone special. The lucky ones who receive it can use it in total freedom, converting it into the holiday they want, when they want.

We have been working passionately, for more than a century, to make you live an unforgettable experience, together with those you love. We are ready – are you? We are waiting for you.

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