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Laundry and ironing

Laundry and ironing

Like at home, but in hotel

The Colomba d’Oro will take care of its guests’ laundry thanks to the laundry and ironing service with return of clothes within 24 hours.Our laundry service in the hotel is equal to the requests and needs of all guests: on a daily basis, the staff of the Colomba d’Oro Hotel will take care of the guests directly and, at the same time, of their clothing.

Thus, when you return to your 4-star hotel room, you will find your clothes clean, washed and ironed with the utmost professionalism and attention!


Four-star hotel in Verona with ironing service

The Hotel Colomba laundry and ironing offer includes four services, just like its stars: cleaning, laundry, ironing, and… what we like to define as “craftsmanship”, i.e. the extreme care, precision and punctuality in the service offered.

Whether it’s for fun or business, travel light and without excess weight in your suitcase!

The quality of the service of this 4-star hotel allows, in fact, to address business customers as well: between one business deal and another, our staff will prepare you for the next meeting, while you can enjoy the beauties and typical features of the historic city center of Verona, all around the Colomba d’Oro.